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Reliable Knob and Tube Rewiring in Broomall PA

Vandergeest Electrical Contractors, renowned in Broomall, PA, for their trusted electrical expertise, excels in converting new clients into lasting partnerships. Specializing in knob and tube rewiring in Broomall, our team addresses the risks associated with outdated systems, ensuring your home’s safety and compliance with modern codes. So if you searched for “knob and tube rewire broomall pa” or something similar – contact us today to receive a free knob and tube estimate from our skilled electricians. 

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We take pride in our extensive experience with knob and tube rewiring projects throughout Broomall and the Greater Philadelphia area. For years, we’ve been serving the community and earning the trust of countless Broomall residents seeking reliable electrical services. Many of our initial clients have become lifelong partners, a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Setting us apart from other local electricians in Broomall, we offer the Vandergeest Electric guarantee, ensuring that our technicians are experts dedicated to delivering top-notch service with honesty and integrity, all at an affordable and transparent price.

Here’s what you can expect during one of our estimate service call:

  • Punctual arrival and a friendly demeanor from our experienced technician.
  • Thorough inspection of your current knob and tube wiring system and assessment of your building’s blueprint to provide an accurate estimate.
  • Detailed discussion of the project’s scope and the final estimate, always prioritizing safety.

Knob and tube rewiring is not a DIY job and should be handled by professionals you can trust. Our team at Vandergeest Electric possesses the necessary training and attention to detail to ensure your Broomall home or business is safe and up to code. We understand the risks associated with outdated knob and tube wiring, which is why we take our knob and tube replacement services seriously.

In addition to knob and tube rewiring, we offer services such as:

  • Rewiring of outdated electrical systems
  • Remediation and replacement of knob and tube wiring
  • Repair of uninsulated wires and damage caused by pests

With our expertise, we’re equipped to handle any electrical challenge your circuits may present. Knob and tube rewiring has become increasingly important in Broomall due to its potential hazards, and we’re dedicated to ensuring every homeowner can live without fear of electrical mishaps.  Our goal is to be the best knob and tube rewiring in Broomall.

Dangers of Dated

Broomall Knob and Tube Wiring


Knob and Tube Rewire Broomall PA

Our expert knob and tube rewiring work involves the removal and replacement of any outdated and potentially hazardous knob and tube wiring system in a home or building. This work is performed by our licensed and experienced electricians who are knowledgeable in the latest electrical codes and standards. The electricians will assess the existing wiring system and determine the best course of action to safely and effectively replace it with modern, up-to-code wiring methods. The work typically involves removing the old knob and tube wiring and installing new electrical conduits, wiring, and outlets. The Vandergeest electricians will also install new circuit breakers, smoke detectors, and other necessary electrical components. The goal of expert knob and tube rewiring work is to ensure a safe, efficient, and reliable electrical system for the home or building.

In addition to the removal and replacement of the knob and tube wiring system, our expert local electricians will conduct a thorough inspection and testing of the electrical system. The electricians will check for any issues such as faulty wiring, damaged electrical components, or loose connections. They will also test the electrical system to ensure that it meets current electrical codes and standards.

Expert knob and tube rewiring work also involves careful attention to detail and a focus on safety. The electricians will take necessary precautions to protect the home or building and its occupants during the rewiring process. This may include covering floors and furniture with protective coverings, turning off the power during certain stages of the work, and using proper safety equipment and techniques.

Once the rewiring work is complete, the electricians will provide a detailed inspection report and will ensure that the electrical system is functioning properly. They may also provide recommendations for any further updates or upgrades that may be necessary to ensure a safe and efficient electrical system.

In conclusion, expert knob and tube rewiring work is essential for homes and buildings with outdated electrical systems. It provides a safe and reliable electrical system, helps to prevent electrical hazards and fires, and increases the overall value and safety of the property.  Contact Vandergeest Electrical Contractors today for a free quote!

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David RubinHome Rewiring
Read More
My experience with Mike Vandergeest and his team was nothing short of terrific. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family for electrical projects. He did a full electric rewiring of my home. He removed knob and tube wiring and replaced with all new wiring, upgraded the service panel to 200 amps, and installed many lights, baseboard heaters, bathroom fans, porch lights, etc.
John JacobElectrical Installation
Read More
We are so happy to work with Mike and his team. I would highly recommend them! We had them work on our home. Mike came over and we talked about everything we wanted, and they delivered. Mike and his team are very responsive, professional, and skilled at their craft. We will continue to work with them for all of our needs.
Richard JcnycKnob and Tube
Read More
So happy we hired Mike and his team. We upgraded the electrical service to our 1940 house, added recessed lighting throughout, and made other improvements to ensure it was a comfortable and safe place for our family. It all turned out wonderfully and ahead of schedule.
knob and tube rewire broomall pa


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